Facilities & Features

Finishing Module – The Core Strength

This Finishing School for Girls
provides interactive, inspiring and confidence building classes for young ladies.Our approach is holistic, fun and empowering – focusing on bringing out your best and giving you the confidence to make your dreams come true.To the parents , Invest in your daughter’s happiness, self-esteem; her image, her self-image and her overall well-being.

With ever-rising stress, depression, low self-esteem and eating disorders amongst young girls these classes should be carefully considered.

Through gentle guidance and indispensable knowledge, the girls attending will find that their outlook, perception of themselves and of others has altered for the better – resulting in a more motivated, more confident, more positive and generally more balanced sense of self.

We offer bespoke workshops and one-on-one consultations to create to suit the requirements of that girl.
..be the better you…by making the best of what you’ve got…

The Infrastructure at the campus consists of:

  • Clean and Hygienic Campus
  • Wi-Fi enabled Campus
  • Air Cooled Classrooms
  • Outdoor Learning Centers
  • R&D room
  • A high-tech computer lab,
  • Well equipped labs
  • High qualified and committed faculty members and administration,
  • Library with latest books and magazines,
  • Cafeteria
  • Purified Drinking water for students
  • Hostel facilities for our princesses
  • AC Buses for Convinces
  • We have embraced technology to an extent very few of our peers have done.


Education relies a lot on infrastructural resources. PRINCESS COLLEGE has consciously and consistently designed its educational infrastructure.

The Spacious Classroom the most conducive environment for dynamic & focussed discussion



“Knowledge is free at the library; just bring your own container”Knowledge resources are the key for the growth of any educational institution. PRINCESS COLLEGE with its commitment to excellence provides the students with a fully equipped library. It is the aim of the Library serves the varied needs of its readers efficiently. The Library makes available to the staff and students, a wide collection of literature, including Books, Journals, Reference Sources and pamphlets. Library welcomes you with a reach collection just go ahead and explore

Though most of the students at PRINCESS COLLEGE will be provided with their own laptop computers, PRINCESS COLLEGE has a fully air conditioned Computer Lab with sufficiently large number of Desktop Computers with Internet connectivity. Computers are equipped with latest software and technology. Lab would be open to all students to come and explore their knowledge. Since Project presentation is part of every subject taught at PRINCESS COLLEGE, students would find the Computer Lab very useful for preparing their project reports. Wi-fi facility provides the students a wire free access to the web resources through their laptops
Language Labs are revolution sweeping through the Indian educational system. Educators have accepted that Global Spoken English is as essential to academics. It is the best way for learning, practicing, and improving English. Our job at Language lab is to make your learning easy, fast, and effective and to bring you classes, activities, and real word simulations to improve your English.


Audio Visual Hall with 300 persons seating capacity for Presentation & Seminar

‘We can develop a firsthand intelligence of nature from which real intelligence grows. This means breaking down the walls made by clocks, bells, rules, academic requirements and a tired indoor pedagogy. That is proposing a jailbreak that would put learners to outdoor more often’.

The PRINCESS COLLEGE has hostel facility for its undergraduate and postgraduate students. Conveniently located, hostellers do not have to travel long distances after a day of hard work and studies. The life in hostels enables students to spend ample time with other students in the same or different departments of studies ,they can have healthy discussion, share experience and help each other with the ensurance they develop academically and acquire the necessary skills that can be obtained only through experience. In addition the hostel life allows students to interact with their colleagues and peers, make friends, and develop into good human beings capable of independent judgment and coping with the day to day pressures of life. Some students may leave their homes for the first time and they can be reassured these hostels would eventually turn out to be a home away from home.
Deluxe Bus Facilities at very affordable prices.
Canteen/Cafeteria is a vital aspect of any educational institution. Educational psychologists of U.S. concluded that a good canteen in a school/college could increase the academic performance. Understanding the importance PRINCESS COLLEGE is providing A good Hygienic and efficiently run Cafeteria. The canteen has been well planned and laid out and beautifully landscaped. Where Students can relax, gossip, discuss, and learn. It is the right place to take a break and come back to classes with a healthy mind. Canteen is an important aspect of college as it encourages socializing.


The potential benefits of outdoor learning are so many:

  • enhanced personal and social communication skills
  • enhanced physical, mental and spiritual health
  • the ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one’s own well-being.
  • extend their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and its peoples around them;
  • understand the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment;
  • Enhance practical problem solving and team work skills.