Learning Pedagogy


The academic year commences on July and ends in May with a seven-day break in October following the Founder’s Day celebrations.At the end of the term there will be Graduation Day when you will be awarded the Princess Certificates & Diploma. Only the best will qualify for this.

Along with graduation in chosen field of study, the following are the highlights of transformations & transition, which a child will undergo, at princess college:-

Home Science

Good Housekeeping

Beauty & Health

Personality Development

Life in the Outdoors

Hobbies & Skills

On completing the course you will be awarded a diploma that will be, at par with any finishing school in the world.

This is a compulsory subject, which includes courses in housekeeping, home economic, nutrition, mother craft, hygiene and first aid etc.Home Economics : Preparing a budget for a family and balancing the economics.

Dietetics & Nutrition : A must for every woman to be aware of the food, her family eats, the elements that she must keep in mind when she plans the menu for the family.

She also learns to eat healthy all her life, a habit she forms at the College.

Health & Hygiene : For the woman who is conscious that she is responsible for the future of her family.

First Aid & Nursing : Deals with the care of the sick and injured and coping with emergencies within the home.

At a time when she is fumbling in the dark about her future as a wife, a mother and a woman, she is given crucial pre-marriage counseling, training in pre-natal, post-natal care, parenting techniques and so on (with the prior consent from parents if needed).

This includes subjects like Interior Decoration, Multi cuisine cooking; planning meals for children for the sick and aged; hosting parties, table decoration, flower arrangement and so on.
In the second term you will be entering the scene of varied cuisine like Chinese, Thai, and Continental. Planning parties of different kinds will also be included in the curriculum. This will be complemented by a course in table arrangement, flower arrangements and the correct use of cutlery. You will also be taught to organize events and plan menus down to the finest details.You will learn the basics of interior design-colors, fabrics, and furnishings to be kept in mind when decorating your home. Traditional concepts like Vaastu Shastra also find a place in our scheme of things.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”-John F.Kennedy
An effort to make you aware of the importance of being fit, both physically and mentally. Fitness through yoga, meditation and aerobics, aims at toning up your body, improving the functions of your mind and putting you in touch with your inner self with the intention of making you smarter, more beautiful and more confident.
Where the physical fitness section will teach you to keep yourself youthful and healthy, this section will teach you to bring out the best in your physical attributes – your skin, your hair, your clothes – all these need your attention. Experts in each fields will guide you to enhance and highlight what nature has endowed you with.Fashion :
Your Personality can never be complete without the right clothes – You will be given a clear understanding about correct dressing for various occasions; Colours and fabrics to enhance your style and personality. A platform to express your creativity will be provided for you.

Social graces and manners are a must for any grooming programme. The students will be instructed on the nuance of social behavior, on how to develop into a refined, sophisticated lady. She learns how to walk, to conduct a conversation, to carry herself and the techniques of being a good hostess.

We learn best when we are learning about ourselves, when we are discovering truths that speak of inner and outer realities, when we are finding out what makes us unique – and like others- within the community.So we feel a lady should be trained in this merry–go–round field of Personality Development with

  • Transactional Analysis,
  • Transformation,
  • Body Language,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Communication Skills,
  • Leadership Qualities and Development,
  • Awareness of Global happenings,
  • Career Guidance and Preparing for an interview,
  • Effective Public Speaking,
  • Universal Values,
  • Time Management and Etiquette,

As its spikes in order to help her become a “COMPLETE WOMAN”.
Other Life Coping Skills include Banking techniques, Investments, Personal Taxation, Legal rights and so on. Parenting Techniques and Moral values – two aspects of life that are must for every woman form a compulsory part of the curriculum.

Preparing for the Future:Outdoor & Indoor sports to cater, to the athletic minded students. Tournaments and matches are played at regular intervals to test your stamina and style.

The Physical fitness regime includes Yoga, Meditation, Gym Aerobics and Strength and Endurance gaining.

Hobbies & Skills:

There are several options to choose from like paintings, glass painting, soft toys making. The exquisite art of Mehndi will be at your finger tips at the end of the course. These are aimed at bringing out the latent creativity in you.


Gone are the days when one has to look on helplessly when a mechanic changes one’s car tyre or replaces one’s tube light. You will be learning the basics of automobile repair (including Car Driving), repair of electrical equipment and the basics of plumbing required, in a home.Karate:

The education of a modern woman cannot be complete without learning to defend her. You will be taught Karate, the ancient art to Self-Defense to help you in your quest for independence.
Grooming from the Inside out :-